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Boromia is a group of female entrpreneurs living in El Pozon, Cartagena. Boromia aims to provide food made for contemporary and healthy diets through tradition indigenous and afro colombian recipes.

Cafe Stepping Stone works with the ladies of Boromia by providing them with use of a professional kitchen, a place to selling there products and business strategy advice.

Pasta De Ajonjoli ( Sesame Seed paste)
The Pasta De Ajonjoli comes in many flavours such as – Ajo (Garlic), Oregano, Miel (Honey). All flavours can be enjoyed spread on bread, crackers or add it to your meal for a flavour boost.

Vegetarian Kibbe
Brought to the Colombian coast by Lebanese immigrants , Kibbe (or Quibbe) is now a popular dish in South America.  Typically made with meat, Boromia’s vegetarian version is made from lentils and soy stuffed with cheese and spinach and served with a creamy cilantro sauce.

Colombian pasteles are very similar to tamales but are made with rice.  The seasoned and aired rice is mixed with many ingredients which are dependent if you choose their vegetarian or meat option and then wrapped in a leaf to be cooked. Boromia makes this dish through traditional coastal practises and makes and delivers them through a preoder system.

A Boromia invention which includes guava paste, cheese and salty crackers  wrapped in homemade puff pastry.


Cartagena Insider

Insider Tours is FEM’s tour operator which offers an alternative based in cultural and sustainable turism to the most explorer tourist, the one who wants to go beyond the old town and discover the other side of Cartagena, the lesser-known, who seeks to live an authentic experience and contact with locals and their sourroundings.  The cultural experiences offered by Insider Tours move the tourists safely to that hidden universe that conceals the best-kept secrets of Cartagena which they would otherwise miss and in a way that just an insider can offer.

If you are this kind of “explorer tourist” and you seek unique experiences that will make your visit to Cartagena pure inspiration, visit the webpage to figure out your ideal route, then come in and book at the cafe to recieve a discount on all tours. Remember that every ticket sold includes donations for the hosting community’s projects.



This craft company, named after the word for Sun, produces cana flecha (a species of cane grown in the region) lamps, handmade by the indigenous Zenu people of Cartagena whouse ancestral knowledge to make sophisticated fabrics with this plant material. Each lamp is unique at the inspiration and creativity of the craftsmen. The company’s creation was through the joint effort of the Zenu indegnous community of the 20 de Julio neighbourhood of Cartagena, two danish students from the Sustainable Design Engineering Program of the University of Aalborgh in Denmark and FEM.  Today the lamps are being sold in Denmark and Colombia, with shipping available to the US and Europe.

The cana flecha comes from suppliers in Tuchin, Cordoba and suppliers are paid at higher than market price to guarentee a fair income.

The eleven artisans of Ninha were displaced during the last decade. FEM seeks to promote, commercial and support the company in order to value the entire chain of Zenith craft production through product design and innovation to improve price and quality and increase their community’s level of income.

This product is environmentally ffriendly and promotes a sustainable production of cana flecha in the aim of being accredited as Fair Trade in the future.

Visit their website .

We exhibit their lamps in the zen zone of our cafe and have an assortment of their products for sale.


Montcoffee is a Colombian Coffee company from the mountains of Huila. All profits from this coffee company go to enhancing the school for the children of the coffee farmers.