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Cartagena Insider

Insider Tours is FEM’s tour operator which offers an alternative based in cultural and sustainable turism to the most explorer tourist, the one who wants to go beyond the old town and discover the other side of Cartagena, the lesser-known, who seeks to live an authentic experience and contact with locals and their sourroundings.  The cultural experiences offered by Insider Tours move the tourists safely to that hidden universe that conceals the best-kept secrets of Cartagena which they would otherwise miss and in a way that just an insider can offer.

If you are this kind of “explorer tourist” and you seek unique experiences that will make your visit to Cartagena pure inspiration, visit the webpage to figure out your ideal route, then come in and book at the cafe to recieve a discount on all tours. Remember that every ticket sold includes donations for the hosting community’s projects.


This craft company, named after the word for Sun, produces cana flecha (a species of cane grown in the region) lamps, handmade by the indigenous Zenu people of Cartagena whouse ancestral knowledge to make sophisticated fabrics with this plant material. Each lamp is unique at the inspiration and creativity of the craftsmen. The company’s creation was through the joint effort of the Zenu indegnous community of the 20 de Julio neighbourhood of Cartagena, two danish students from the Sustainable Design Engineering Program of the University of Aalborgh in Denmark and FEM.  Today the lamps are being sold in Denmark and Colombia, with shipping available to the US and Europe.

The cana flecha comes from suppliers in Tuchin, Cordoba and suppliers are paid at higher than market price to guarentee a fair income.

The eleven artisans of Ninha were displaced during the last decade. FEM seeks to promote, commercial and support the company in order to value the entire chain of Zenith craft production through product design and innovation to improve price and quality and increase their community’s level of income.

This product is environmentally ffriendly and promotes a sustainable production of cana flecha in the aim of being accredited as Fair Trade in the future.

Visit their website .

We exhibit their lamps in the zen zone of our cafe and have an assortment of their products for sale.


Montcoffee is a Colombian Coffee company from the mountains of Huila. All profits from this coffee company go to enhancing the school for the children of the coffee farmers. There coffee is of the high standard, expected in Colombia, and we also sell ground packets to clients.

Granitos de Paz

The Foundation works in a community of 13,000 people located in
a vulnerable sector of Cartagena, basically afrodescendant with programs and projects for all ages. The program we work with is productive patios, produces benefits for the environment, for nutrition and for the generation of income. The Foundation has built 828 Patios Productives (Home gardens) between Cartagena and Barú.

The program of urban agriculture or Patios Productivos, was born as a food security initiative for vulnerable communities. Granitos de Paz implemented it and soon discovered that our organic products were in demand in hotels and restaurants in the city and could generate additional income for families. The conversion of the neglected courtyards to organized gardens has provided an additional benefit for the environment. The success obtained with this program has provided the opportunity to replicate it for third parties in the city in different sowing modalities such as eras, vertical gardens and green roofs offering design, installation and maintenance.

They have built about 820 productive yards in Cartagena.

We buy our basils, cilantro, spinach and mustard greens from them and are constantly overwhelmed with their freshness and great flavours.

Mi Artesano

Mi Artesano is a small social enterprise, located 81 km south of Cartagena, that works to give customers high quality personalised products while making sure that the artesans of San Jacinto, Bolivar, Colombia are being paid fairly for their highly skilled work. They sell handbags, backpacks and accessories.

Green Apple

Green Apple is a non-profit social enterprise based near Cartagena in Colombia. They focus on sustainability and job creation while reducing waste. They recycle the waste of cooperation partners, such as restaurants, hotels and other companies. With this garbage they are converting organic waste into rich manure and growing organic products. In addition, they convert glass bottles into glass sand and do craft training for locals.

Cartagena gráfica

The company “Cartagena Gráfica”, founded by the Cartagena graphics designers Karen Gómez and Jorge Enrique Sierra, specializes in the design of souvenir items such as magnets, notebooks, posters and many other things. In addition, they have a studio (CTG STUDIO) in which they do workshops for their clients.


Metaluraverde is a small company that specializes in sustainable consumer goods. The metal straws that we use in our cafe are reusable and come with a cleaning brush. They are also available for sale in our cafe and include their own straw sock in different colors. Furthermore, the company also offers toothbrushes made of bamboo.


Islabela is an Eco-hotel located 20 km from Cartagena in the Rosario islands. This Island has a very clear and complete social impact, not only with the environment, also with the native persons living in the Island. With the Cafe Stepping Stone  voucher you get a discount of 20/000 COP on every trip to Islabela.