To prepare our employees well and conscientiously for their future, we hold weekly trainings/workshops with them.
The trainings are about healthy nutrition, the importance of voting and how elections work, current topics in Colombia, protecting the environment and improving each one in the context of their work in the cafe. We also offer weekly English classes and tutoring, as well as on the job practical experience of English.

Para capacitar nuestros empleados y concientizarlos sobre su futuro, nosotros hacemos entrenamientos semanales con ellos.
Los entrenamientos son sobre nutricion saludable, la importancia de votar, problemas de Colombia, proteccion del medio ambiente y mejorar cada uno en su contexto dentro del Cafe. Adicionalmente, nosotros ofrecemos clases de Ingles semanales.

If you would like to support us and keep training our employees, please let us know.
Si deseas apoyarnos y ayudarnos en mantener el entrenamiento con nuestros empleados, Avisanos.

Training about corruption in Colombia:
Entrenamiento sobre corrupcion en Colombia:

Training about Waste Management with Souichirou Kikuta (working for Jica):
Entrenamiento sobre administracion de basura con Souichirou Kikuta (Trabajando con Jica):

Training at Green Apple in Bocachica:
Entrenamiento con Greeen Apple en Bocachica:

Tejiendo Democracia and Constructores de Paz

Training with Jose Bejarano and Lory Torres

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Other Trainings

Dessert Training
– Cocktail Training
with Dre Masso
Kitchen Basics
– Nutrition
Improvisation and Drama workshop
– Empathy and communication in the workplace
– Plastic! with Ecobus America

Basic Micro and Macro Economics; The Importance of investing in Education
– Budgetting and Personal Finance