Our Model

At Stepping Stone, we’re on a mission to reduce inequality. How exactly are we doing this though?

Hello and welcome, we're Vanessa and Hannah, and we founded and run Stepping Stone!
Stepping Stone exists to help women who have arrived in Australia as migrants or refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Many have experienced hardship, traumatic events and lots of uncertainty. On top of this, they often face a range of barriers to employment.

Our aim is to provide a sense of connection, safety and belonging to our staff. We want women to thrive in all parts of their lives.

– Vanessa & Hannah
What actually is a work integration social enterprise (WISE)?
It's a type of social enterprise that focuses on improving employment prospects for those furthest from the labour market though a wider range of work-based opportunities
For us, this looks like working with other charities and social enterprises, providing employment and training opportunities to those who experience the highest barrier to entering the Australian workforce, and working to minimise waste while maximising our impact.

Being a social enterprise means that we're committed to making a difference, integrating work and community support, and fostering an environment where refugee and migrant women can thrive.